Mobility Arbitration Case Win

In a grievance dating back to early 2011, the union argued that AT&T Mobility, LLC had wrongfully terminated the employee for attendance issues.

Among other things, the company argued that the grievant had long term attendance problems and that they had followed their points system.

The union argued, among other specifics, that the company’s record of the grievant’s attendance was not accurate and the company failed to produce underlying records to support the overall attendance record.

The arbitrator found that grievant’s attendance difficulties were chronic, however the company’s attendance point system is not intended to be robotic.  The arbitrator found that the company had mismanaged the system and did not have just cause to terminate grievant because of poor attendance.  The arbitrator ordered the grievant’s attendance record shall start anew.

**Due to the personal nature of this, and any case, this is a redacted version of the final outcome.