This is tough for me to say, Harry: Because of endless Republican obstruction in the U.S. Senate, our government may have trouble protecting your rights at work.

The National Labor Relations Board is responsible for enforcing laws that protect workers who are disciplined or fired for trying to improve their working conditions.

Here’s the problem: There are several vacancies on the board. Although President Obama has nominated qualified people to fill these vacancies, they all run into the same buzz saw: Republican-led holds and silent filibusters that grind everything to a halt. And without these vacancies filled, the NLRB struggles to enforce worker-protection laws.

Here’s the good news: If voters like you demand change, we can fix the Senate rules and make sure all five NLRB members get an up-or-down vote on confirmation.

Take action with me. Demand change: Sign the petition to urge the Senate take the necessary steps to fill all five seats on the NLRB.

The Senate had a chance to reform the rules earlier this year, and it didn’t get done. As a result, leadership posts at key federal agencies are vacant. Judicial seats are unfilled. Bills with overwhelming support never come up for debate and a vote.

It’s shameful. It’s bad government. And it’s bad for our democracy.

What we need is real filibuster reform, to get rid of the procedural tricks that prevent crucial positions in government from being filled.

I’m doing everything I can to persuade my colleagues that we can’t wait any longer to make the Senate work. And your voice, right now, can make a huge difference and help protect your rights at work.

Let the Senate know that we won’t give up until all five members of the NLRB get an up-or-down-vote. Sign the petition today at GIVEUS5NLRB.ORG.

It’s time to stop the games and get to work.


Senator Jeff Merkley

501 Third Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

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