Dear District 3 Leaders and Activists,

I don’t mix words; I hurt to the core after today’s Senate vote and the clear pathway for TPP passage. I  wonder why this devastating quality of life issue and Corporate power grab never captured the media’s or the general public’s attention or why some never stepped up to the plate and only watched on the side lines with democracy being attacked. I don’t know how much more disrespect working people can tolerate. But I know what we did collectively in District 3 made us a political force to be reckoned with, that solidarity is not just a word we use anymore, that it has real meaning and purpose, and maybe most importantly we exposed corporate politicians in both political parties something I don’t think was ever done before. Simply put: You were leaders!

CWA President Shelton said words today on the conference call that I so desperately needed to hear and those words were “Pay Back” to those who turned their backs on all workers, here and abroad, the environment, and the sovereignty of our nation, on what I believe was a defining issue of my union life.

We will debrief soon and plan our next strategy.

With respect and gratitude a sincere thank you.


Fred Frost

CWA District 3

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