bsd_cwa_mobility_facebook_fiveways_kc6-smTo:   All Mobility Local Presidents

Subject:  Hold the Date — AT&T/CWA Mobility Leadership Conference

Dear Colleagues:

The AT&T/CWA Mobility Conference will be held in Portland, Oregon, on November 17-20, 2013.  Registration will begin on Sunday, November 17; the conference will be held November 18-19, and until noon on November 20.    Watch for more details about the conference in the future.

As you know by now, the “Orange” Mobility contract, which expired on Saturday, February 9, has been extended.  Our CWA bargaining committee determined that was the best decision at this time.  It allows for the current contract to stay in place including both the grievance and arbitration procedures.  Locals have been doing a terrific job of mobilizing and educating our members and we have asked them to ramp up their mobilization efforts to the next level.

With this round of negotiations we have been trying some new techniques to communicate with both our Mobility local leaders and our members.  We have 22,000 Mobility members spread out over five districts in the “Orange” contract, so this is no small feat.

Below are some of the communication vehicles we are using:

1.  Town Hall Calls:  During Mobility bargaining in District 6 last year, Vice President Claude Cummings utilized Town Hall conference calls to communicate with as many Mobility members as possible.  He received a great response and we have replicated the calls.  We just had our third call on Sunday and had more than 700 people on the call for more than 50 minutes.  This was our highest level of participation.  We not only share information on the calls, but give members an opportunity to ask questions.  In response to a poll question last night, 91 percent of the participants said they found the calls useful and liked the format.

2.  Social Media:  We are working with a Blue State Digital, a firm that we have utilized not only when we did a major overhaul on our website, but they have also assisted us on many campaigns such as the recent Senate Rules campaign.  They have been advising us on our web page content, editing the format of the bargaining reports and have established both a Facebook page and a Twitter account.  Please make sure and check out our Facebook page at and like it.  You will find lots of information there.  And, follow us on Twitter at

3.  Web and E-mail: We have been using multiple methods to communicate with locals and members.  We are utilizing our web page and also sending both e-mail and text messages to get out all of the bargaining information.

4.  Contest:  One of our goals is to build our list of cell numbers and e-mail addresses.  We just kicked off a contest.  Members can win Starbucks gift cards by signing up co-workers.  If it is successful, we will expand it to the rest of Mobility members in Districts 3 and 6.

We know that our work does not stop when we get a ratified agreement.  We have to work hard to build a stronger structure for AT&T Mobility members in our Union.  We will be taking what we learned during these negotiations and immediately working to build a strategic plan to educate and activate our members.  We will use experts where necessary and we will be looking for your input on how we move forward.  We need to have an ongoing plan of communication, not one that stops and starts with each round of bargaining.

We look forward to working with all of you.  In the meantime, let’s all do what it takes to support our Mobility workers under the “Orange” contract.

In Unity,

Annie Hill

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